Embed your own application into the TD12XX thanks to the ARM® Cortex® -M3 processor!

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1 single MCU unit in your IoT device

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Strongly reduce power consumption

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Reduce your bill of
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Getting started quickly with your SDK

You are ready to create amazing IoT applications and much more.


New SDK toolbox 6.0.0

The TD12xx modules are powered by an ARM Cortex M3 MCU with roughly 80kB of free flash, more than enough to embed many M2M and IoT applications.

The SDK runs on TD12xx EVB's through a Silabs/Energy Micro STK3300 card used as a JTAG adapter.

A complete toolchain and IDE (Integrated Development Environment) based on Eclipse is provided free of charge.

Software resources and documentations required to program your own application into the TD module are provided in order to enable access to all embedded ARM Cortex M3 Microcontroller, GPIOs, I2C bus, timers with full access to the TD next libraries.


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