Evaluate the SIGFOX technology by sending
simple AT commands!

Sigfox Evaluation Board

The solution for a soft learning curve!

Our EVB's are the easiest and fastest way to test the Sigfox network and to become familiar with our modules. Each flavor of module comes with its complete starter kit for a unique "out of the box" experience. Simply plug to a laptop, open a terminal window and send your first Sigfox messages in a few minutes with AT commands.


  • EVB icon

    1 EVB with a TD module

  • Antenna icon

    1 antenna

  • USB icon

    1 micro USB cable

  • Sigfox icon

    1 year subscription to the Sigfox network

  • Developer backend icon

    1 year access to the developer backend

Getting started quickly with the EVB

Driver install/setup

On Linux OS

Latest common distros (debian based) comes with FTDI drivers installed, so one can get to step 2, or check this site for more information.

On Mac OS

Install the latest FTDI VPC driver by downloading the bundle image available here. No restart required.

On WinX

Install the latest fdti VPC driver by downloading the install exe available here.

Open a term session

On Linux OS

				screen /dev/ttyUSB0

On Mac OS

				screen /dev/tty.usbserial-XXXXX

On WinX

Start an hyperterminal session using HyperTerm / PuTTy or your favorite terminal session editor.

Your first message

Check if the system is running


Get module information

Hardware Version: 0F
Software Version: SOFT1100
S/N: 0000XXXX
E1 V1 Q0 X1 S200:0 S300:24 S301:2 S302:14 S303:1

Send "Hello" to mobile 06xxxxxxxx


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