Getting started with TD SIGFOX™ certified modules

Power & very low consumption.

The combination of a powerful radio transceiver and a state-of-the-art ARM Cortex M3 baseband processor achieves extremely high performance while maintaining ultra-low active and standby current consumption.

The TD modules offer an outstanding RF sensitivity of – 126 dBm while providing an exceptional output power of up to +14 dBm with unmatched TX efficiency.

The TD devices versatility provides the gateway function from a local Narrow Band ISM network to the long-distance Ultra Narrow Band SIGFOX™ network at no additional cost.

Each TD module is identified by a Sigfox ID and a PAC key.

Sigfox ID - Ex : 16B87

Each TD12XX module is sold with its Sigfox ID. This 8 digit ID is unique and will not change during the device’s lifespan. When a module is manufactured, a unique Sigfox ID is recorded in its permanent memory. By scanning the sticker located on the packaging, you will get all the module IDs at once.

It is very important to keep and store the ID tray carefully, as it will be useful to insure the tracability of these devices and to register them on a Sigfox Network Operator (SNO).

PAC key - Ex: CF14xxxx-xxx

For each module, a PAC key is a secret key corresponding to the Sigfox ID. Only TD next and Avnet Memec are allowed to generate and transmit it on request.

The PAC key will be useful to register a device on a Sigfox Network Operator (SNO). As opposed to the Sigfox ID, a PAC key is not transferable and must be re-generated if the module's ownership is changed.

How to recover Sigfox IDs and PAC Key on the packaging?

TD12xx are sent in a sealed packaging

You will receive a certified airtight packaging in which the modules are lined up. The number of modules you will get in a pack depends on the TD12xx model you ordered.

TD next Sigfox RF modules packaging
TD next Sigfox RF modules inside of packaging
Avnet Memec delivery note

Getting Sigfox IDs

To get and display the complete list of Sigfox IDs corresponding to each TD12xx module included in a pack, you will have to flash the square QR code situated on it.

Getting PAC keys

Only TD next and Avnet Memec are allowed to generate PAC keys. To obtain each PAC key corresponding to each module in a pack, you will have to get in touch with the nearest Avnet Memec office from your home, giving the code (printed on the packaging too).

If for whatever reason the packaging is lost, you can find again the same code on labels sticked on module supports or on Avnet Memec delivery notes.

Is the Sigfox certification mandatory?

The paid Sigfox certification is mandatory. This certification allows to measure your device’s radio performance. However this certification is not mandatory for evaluations or test purposes.

Sigfox defined a scale of values based on ETSI sta ndardsto measure and classify your device according to its performance. The maximum power allowed by the standard is 14dBm. Class 0 is the category you will have to target for your device, in order to ensure the best performance.

Without this certification, it will be impossible to register them on a Sigfox Network Operator (SNO).

  Uplink Classes
  Class 0u Class 1u Class 2u Class 3u
Radiated power 14 dBm +/- 2db 12 dBm > P > 7dBm 7 dBm > P > 0dBm Below 0dBm

Where can I buy a TD12xx or an Evaluation Board ?

All our TD12xx Sigfox certified modules and Evaluation Boards are provided through Avnet Memec.

Avnet Memec is the biggest worldwide electronic component provider. Its teams are composed of engineers, sales representatives, with strong technical backgrounds in MCU, RF… Avnet Memec is the TD next partner which will help you throughout your project development.

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